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What makes our baby food so good?

It’s packed full of good things

Babies have tiny tummies which means they can only eat small amounts during feeding times. The secret behind our baby food is that it’s ‘nutritionally dense’, that’s a fancy way of saying your baby will get a lot out of a little because there’s so much goodness in every spoonful.

It’s as fresh as fresh can be

Our baby foods are made the way you would if you had the time. We only use the freshest natural ingredients, cooked our secret way (locking in all the taste and goodness) and then delivered to Woolies on a daily basis. So when you pick up one of our purees you can be sure it’s fresh – which means it’s nutritious and tasty too. 

It’s super safe

When you’re making food for babies, safety is our prime concern. Our purees are made under the strictest controls to ensure that they’re super-safe (as well as delicious and nutritionally balanced). Our secret cooking process cooks the ingredients just long enough to remove any potentially harmful bacteria whilst retaining the nutrients and taste found in fresh food. Plus, our containers are sealed extra-tight for our little customers’ protection.

No added anythings

Salt and sugar aren’t good for young digestive systems and they set the tone for future bad dietary habits. We only use the highest quality raw ingredients: select varieties of fruit and vegetables and special cuts of chicken, beef and lamb. Our purees taste so good we don’t need to add anything extra to enhance their flavour. If it isn’t natural you won’t find it in our purees! So, lets spell it out, we don’t add sugar, salt, flavours, colours or preservatives to our purees.

Our range of purees comprises of both simple, smooth fruit and vegetable purees, and completely balanced meals for the older baby.  We recommend that our purees are used from 6 months. This is however a guideline, so if in doubt ask your midwife, doctor or paediatric advisor and introduce these purees as is appropriate for your baby.

All our purees have:

  • No added sugar
  • No added salt
  • No added flavours or colours
  • No bulking up with water or soya proteins
  • No additives
  • No preservatives

Only natural ingredients, select varieties of fruits and vegetables
and special cuts of meat and chicken are used in our purees.

Our purees are available in in three categories. The first category is for babies who have just started weaning. These purees are simple in flavour and smooth in texture – a great way to introduce your baby to food. The second category is for the baby who’s ready for slightly more adventurous tastes so these purees contain more complex flavours and textures. The third category of purees are meals in their own right. They’re also an introduction to textures – soft visible pieces of vegetables, pasta or rice are dispersed throughout the puree, a great way to introduce your little ones to a balanced and healthy diet. These are old favourites which we have been made even better.

The fresh range is available in Woolworths and can be found in the fridge. Click here for more info.

The long-life range is shelf-stable and is found on the shelves in Woolworths. Click here for more info.