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num num, yum yum

Looking for the tastiest baby food on the planet? You’ll find it here.
We’re a family-owned business (and proud Woolworths supplier)
that puts taste and quality first.

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So delicious, they won't believe it's good for them.

We get it. You want to choose the healthy option,
but you also want something that tastes sinfully good.
Our smoothies and purees tick both boxes.
Even teens approve!

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Now with added zing!

Our pulps and compotes are designed to give your dish
that extra something that’ll have them coming back
for seconds and thirds.
This is officially a leftover-free zone!

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About Us

The story of our company began with a mother and her children.
When our co-founder, Rozi Andrew, was looking for baby food for her babies, she ran into a problem,
she couldn’t find anything that was good enough. What happened next is a tale of persistence, ingenuity
and a measure of good luck. Read more

Two things make for a great meal, the right ingredients and a good recipe.
But when your business is making food, there’s a third element you can’t do without – a great team of people. Read more



A great deal of effort and care goes into making our baby food the best it can be.
Which is why our purees are packed full of good things, as fresh as fresh
can be and super safe (no added anythings). We offer simple, smooth fruit
and vegetable purees, as well as completely balanced meals for the older baby.

Read more


You’ll find it all here.

When we’ve got extra stock, we sell it here. See what’s on offer, make your choice
And we’ll deliver it to your front door. Start shopping now!


Being a mom is no easy job and one of the most difficult tasks of them all is keeping
your baby well fed. It’s something we know a thing or two about so we’ve compiled
a list of frequently-asked questions about feeding babies.

Read our FAQ’s


Our company also manufacture premium pulps, spice pastes, coulis & compotes.

Find out more here.