Our Story

“When it was time for my daughters to start on solid foods, I was disappointed with what I found on sale at the time. As a dietician I didn’t like the fact that everything had added sugars and salts, and various additives. And, as a mom, I was unhappy that the products didn’t exactly taste great. There was only one solution, I had to make my own baby food.

I won’t say it was easy. I had to come up with nutritionally-balanced meals but also meals that boasted exciting tastes and textures. Well, luckily for me, my girls really liked the results and it wasn’t long before I found myself being asked to make enough to feed my friends’ babies too.

Realizing I was onto something special, I approached Woolworths – my employer at the time – and asked them whether they’d be interested in selling my baby food. They jumped at the opportunity and so, the Baby Food Company was born. Together with a small group of family and friends, we pooled our savings (gulp!) and built a brand-new baby food factory.

Since then, using the knowledge we’ve gained making the best baby food on the planet, we also produce products for the wholesale industry like smoothies, pulps, purees, compotes and more. So, besides moms, our customers include dairies, bakeries, restaurants and more.”

“If you’re going to feed something to your baby, taste it yourself. If you don’t like the taste, why would your baby?”

Our People


Rozi Andrew

Founder & Technical Director

Rozi’s career in the food and food-related industries spans nearly thirty years. During this time, she’s worked in private practice, consulted to the food industry, and held a number of positions at food-manufacturing companies – many of whom were Woolworths suppliers. This led to the inevitable with Rozi taking up a position at Woolworths HQ in their foods division. She left Woolworths in 2005 to start The Baby Food Company with her husband Neil and a small group of private investors. Rozi has a BSc from the University of Natal and a BSc Medical Honours degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from UCT. She’s a member of the Women’s Presidents Organization, was selected to participate in the Cochran Fellowship Program in the USA and is a professional member of the South African Association for Food Science & Technology. When not developing recipes, overseeing a busy factory and meeting with her customers, Rozi is a full time mom to her daughters, Jessica and Rachel. Her other interests include gardening, cooking and watching movies which feature car chases, explosions and baddies getting their just deserts.


Neil Andrew

Founder & Managing Director

After getting his BComm from the University of Natal, Neil held management positions in organisations ranging from NGOs to private schools to property development companies. His passion for entrepreneurship, finance and IT led to him starting up The Baby Food Company with his wife Rozi and a small group of private investors. These days his role in the company is one of general management and strategy. When not doing unmentionable things to spreadsheets, Neil is often to be found on a bicycle, or talking about bicycles. He even has a bicycle workshop but doesn’t spend as much time in it as you might think.

Our Passionate Staff

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